What I Ate Wednesday – February 2, 2016

Snack 2 - Nourish

Ok. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted for #WhatIAteWednesday and I promise I have some good excuses 😉 The first of which is that the whole family caught a stomach bug in the middle of January and you probably didn’t need to see pictures of saltines and ginger ale. The second excuse is that I was at my parents’ house for a week and although I took pictures of the amazing food my mom made, I was too busy enjoying time with family to bother with posting on the blog (sorry). So, here we are in February!

Today was a bit of a strange day since I was presenting at a health fair that lasted from 11am-3pm. I’m seasoned enough to know that lunch would not be served and that I’d have to survive on snacks whenever I could fit them in. Here goes…

Burrito and I enjoyed oatmeals made with milk, cinnamon, a touch of maple syrup, a spoonful of natural peanut butter, and fresh blueberries. I’d like to add that the kiddo is getting better and better with the spoon and this was the perfect meal from him to scoop into his mouth all by himself. Yay!

Breakfast 1 - Oatmeal with berries and PB

Since breakfast 1 was at 7am this morning, I grabbed breakfast number 2 at 10:15 from a local cafe called Communitea. This tasty sandwich (eggs, spinach, avocado, and herb mayo) was enjoyed in the car on the way to a client location (not something I do often, but was certainly necessary today!). Breakfast 2 - Egg sandwich

During a quick break between chatting nutrition I snacked on grapes and cheddar cheese I had packed in my bag. This is the first of many snacks that made up my “lunch.”

Snack 1 - Grapes and Cheese

After the health fair was over, I munched on one of my favorite Nourish Snacks (again, in the car!).

Snack 2 - Nourish

Since I was running with a friend this evening and totally starving come 5pm, I stole a couple slices of Burrito’s pear and poured a bowl of cereal with Skim Plus milk to energize me for a quick 3 mile run.

Snack 3 - Cereal

After my workout, we ended up ordering Thai takeout. It was late. I was exhausted from the day and my hubby had a long day after traveling for work (so there was no way he was cooking either). One of our favorite things to order is papaya salad (hubby and I share) and some kind of vegetable stir fry with tofu. This particular dish was super spicy (which I love) and it was a bit late so I decided just to eat half and save the rest for lunch the next day. We always get brown rice instead of white, but I just felt like eating the veggies and tofu this evening so skipped out on the rice (and saved it for future meals in the week). Dinner - Thai takeout 2

No day is complete without a little bit of something sweet. My hubby bought an ENTIRE BOX of my favorite chocolate, so obviously I had to grab a bar. I shared it with him (and by that I mean that I ate 2/3 of it and left him a couple bites – haha).

Dessert - Flake

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