What Burrito Ate Wednesday – March 29, 2016

Breakfast Smile

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what my 16-month-old eats, so I figured it was time for another What Burrito Ate Wednesday!

Baby boy chugs down 5 ounces of whole milk when he wakes up and then we put breakfast together about an hour later.

All of a sudden, he likes muffins (he used to spit them out!) so I’ve been experimenting with different kinds to make sure he gets plenty of variety. I generally make a batch and freeze half of them for later use (less work later, score!). I had been wondering what I could do with coconut flour so decided to give this recipe from Coconut Mama (though I used olive oil instead of coconut oil and added blueberries) a try. For a hit of protein (and calcium) Burrito also ate plain whole milk yogurt and I rounded things out with more blueberries (he calls them “gapes” because he thinks they are grapes…but whatever!).  Today, he actually sat in his seat and ate the muffin pieces and blueberries himself. For some reason, he has lost interest in utensils (toddlers!), so I had to spoon feed him the yogurt.


Since he’s with the nanny for 6 hours today, I pack 2 snacks and lunch, plus milk and water. He had hummus with whole wheat crackers for his morning snack. Lunch was brown rice and quinoa with black beans (I heat up canned black beans with a couple tablespoons of fresh salsa and a couple teaspoons of homemade taco seasoning) and a touch of shredded cheddar cheese, plus half an avocado. About an hour later (before his nap), he drinks 5 ounces of whole milk. When he wakes up 2 hours later, he gets a snack. Today, he ate a couple pieces of tangerine before spitting out the 3rd, so the nanny gave him the banana instead (that’s why I always pack a back-up/extra!).

Snacks and Lunch

After I picked him up, we headed to the playground where he decided to eat a cracker he found on the ground. Ewwwwww! I thought he was past the put-everything-in-your-mouth-phase, but I guess not!

As for dinner, I had made a kale-pesto with whole wheat pasta earlier in the day. I simply cooked a fillet of salmon (saved half for his lunch tomorrow) and flaked it into the pasta. And, I offered up that tangerine he was spitting out earlier, and what do you know…he ate it!

I learned that Burrito loves salmon from previous meals I’ve made (I had never expected him to be a fan, so it was a pleasant surprise). As for the kale-pesto, I had made a similar version with spinach in a Blue Apron meal – again, I never expected my little one to like it but he kept pointing to it and asking for more! Just goes to show you that kids will surprise you. So, now this spinach/kale-pesto is a regular in our meal rotation – I just mix up how it’s served.

My goal is to have kiddo eat whatever we eat (as long as he can chew it!) whenever possible. I’m making sure he knows I’m not a short order cook from the get-go and so far, so good. As for getting him to sit still for meals, we’re working on that. If I can get him to sit at the table for just meal each day, I’m calling that a win. It used to be something that got me really worked up, but once I got some tips from moms (and dietitians) who have been through that phase (and survived it!), I relaxed and just went with the flow.


And of course…5 ounces of whole milk before bedtime – and brushing teeth after :-)

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