What I Ate Wednesday – October 20, 2015

After a pretty restless night, today was a little stressful and had me fighting cravings for caffeine and sugar. Burrito decided to have a little party in his crib in the middle of the night – I kid you not…he would do downward facing dog and then clap. I’m really glad he’s proud of his yogi moves, but would prefer that he did them during the day, not 2:30am.

So…a hectic morning with an over-tired and hungry little man means momma had cereal for breakfast. It usually leaves me hungry a couple hours later, so isn’t my first choice, but sometimes you just gotta get something quick in a growling belly.

2015-10-20 08.02.22

A super cool and windy walk had me wanting something warm to drink so I snuggled a cup of Mother’s Milk tea. Fenugreek is said to help with milk production and I’ve been using this tea from the very beginning, but that’s just a bonus because it tastes great too. It temporarily satisfied my desire for a latte and sugary donut holes from the local coffee shop. I should mention that I allow myself 1-2 lattes a week and I decided it was too early in the week to cash one of those in. I loveeee the taste of coffee but my tummy doesn’t react well to it and sometimes it makes me jittery, so creating a daily habit isn’t in my best interest. Plus, when I need a boost during a long run, the caffeinated gels work pure magic since I don’t already have a tolerance built up – score!

2015-10-20 09.23.53

Lunch was what I’ll call “weekday brunch” today. I was really hungry by the time 11am hit and had conference calls scheduled for 11:30 and noon, so I went ahead and had an early meal. Luckily I had leftovers in the fridge to quickly whip up this deliciousness: Kale salad with avocado and a lime vinaigrette, plus black beans sautéed with bell peppers and poblano topped with queso para freir (amazinggggg semi-soft grill-able cheese), and a couple “fried” eggs with a spoon of chimichurri sauce. Basically, I took a Blue Apron meal that my hubby and I prepared over the weekend and turned it into 4 meals. There was enough kale for 4 salads, so that meant 2 days of leftovers. The avocado, I simply wrapped tightly in plastic wrap (keeping the air out keeps the flesh from browning) and sliced a quarter each time I had the salad. The original recipe had arepas, but they were a bit dry and I didn’t really enjoy them so I’ve saved those to experiment with (perhaps they’ll make yummy croutons?). It also simply had the cheese and peppers for arepa filling, but I decided to throw in some black beans to stretch the meal a bit and add some extra protein and fiber. And…everything tastes better with eggs! The chimichurri sauce was leftover from the original recipe as well – a tasty mix of chopped parsley, cilantro, olive oil, garlic, and salt and pepper – very simple, but powerful flavor right there. I did want something a little sweet afterward so grabbed a few dried apricots and a clementine.

2015-10-20 11.27.18

Before picking Burrito up from the nanny, I grabbed a quick snack of hummus and carrots (along with a few pita chips). I probably had a quarter of the container of hummus…whoever said the serving size is 2 tablespoons was drunk. Who eats just 2 tablespoons of hummus?!?!

2015-10-20 15.21.04

What started out as a pretty cold fall morning turned into a GORGEOUS day. The sun was shining and it as a cool 68 degrees out. I decided work could wait a couple hours and spent some time walking a sleeping Burrito along the water and then playing in the park once he woke up. On the way back home though…my baked good craving came back and this time, I couldn’t resist. I picked up a pan de chocolate and enjoyed every bite. What? I’m human!

Dinner was a solo mission since my hubby was working late again (I cannot waitttt for this project to be over!). Adult grilled cheese was the name of the game. I sliced half a bosc pear and sandwiched it between 2 pieces of Bread Alone whole wheat sourdough bread (seriously the BEST bread for making grilled cheese) along with brie and arugula. The combo of sweet pear with gooey cheese and peppery arugula was to die for! Paired that with some ready-made tomato soup…yum 🙂

2015-10-20 19.55.21

And in case you were wondering what Burrito ate today…

Wake-up nursing session

Breakfast: Clove-spiced pear and oat porridge

Snack: 4 ounces breast milk and a banana

Lunch: Pink applesauce (beets make it pink!) with whole milk yogurt, plus some tandoori spiced cauliflower-chickpea-apple puree

Snack: 5 ounces breast milk

Dinner: Fennel, pea, mango, and peach puree, plus diced cantaloupe

Bed-time nursing session

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