What Burrito Ate Wednesday – October 14, 2015

Today, I decided to do something a little different. Instead of writing about what I ate…I’m showing you what Dean Burrito ate! The little guy is just shy of 11 months and has been a happy little eater since he was 6 months old. He continues to amaze me with what he will (and sometimes will not) eat. Burrito is adventurous and will try just about anything, but he’s also particular – if it doesn’t have flavor, he spits it out (as if to say…try again, mom!). It certainly keeps me on my toes and encourages me to keep mixing things up so he can not only learn to be a healthy eater, but can experience the world of food in a pleasurable way. For now, that means tasting AND playing – squishing, smearing, banging, dropping, throwing…it’s all part of the learning process. It gets messy and requires a lot of patience, but it’s soooo worth it.

When Burrito wakes up (around 6 am), we have a little nursing sesh and some cuddle time before he’s ready to break into his toys and whip out pots and pans to bang around in the kitchen. Breakfast usually comes about an hour after he’s had his morning milk.

After tasting the last of our Green Blender smoothies for the week, I knew that Burrito would enjoy it. Made with butternut squash, pear, cinnamon, and walnuts – it was delicious! We spooned in some whole milk yogurt (kiddos under 2 need the fat for brain development) to make it a more complete breakfast and gave him a handful of Cheerios to practice feeding himself. Getting him to put food in his mouth instead of simply dropping it on the floor has been a challenge – guess he’s making sure gravity works every time!

BreakfastPicking up cheerios

Usually, the kiddo gets a snack after his morning nap. For the first time ever, he decided to skip his AM nap – eek! So, I gave him a bottle of breast milk (he only drank about 2 ounces) and about 1/2 a cup of steamed sweet potato around the time he would usually wake up. I’ve started to wean him – cutting nursing sessions from 4 each day to 3, so for his daytime snacks, he gets some defrosted milk from the freezer stash I’ve built up over the past few months (so glad I did that! Even if it does take up about half the freezer space…). We try to take snack time as an opportunity to practice self feeding (I LOVE this ezpz mat!). Adding all of the food to his plate is overwhelming – Burrito either shoves too much in his mouth or just starts squashing it and throwing it. I allow him to do a bit of this since it’s all part of the learning process, but I also really don’t like to waste food…so I go back to feeding him when he starts making a mess.

Snack 1

Burrito spends part of the day with his nanny (so I can get work done and squeeze in a run!) which means lunch is with her and the rest of his “crew” (he has so many girlfriends already, it’s not even funny). Along with the loads of breastmilk in the freezer are what we call “Burrito nuggets” – food I’ve made and frozen in batches. I like to pack a guaranteed winner when it comes to eating away from home, so today’s lunch was daal (Indian lentils) mixed with quinoa, kale, peas, spinach, and coconut rice. As for his fruit for this meal, I packed one of his favorites…banana! And, of course, there’s a 4-ounce bottle of breast milk for him to suck down just before his afternoon nap.


When I picked him up today, Burrito was already awake and eating some teething crackers(he has his 7th and 8th teeth popping up!), so I just gave him a couple more ounces of milk to drink up. Turns out…he has be holding the bottle all by himself whenever he’s with the nanny, but it’s a new discovery for the hubs and I! He likes to hold it with one hand and play with his hair with the other. Adorable!

Snack 2

After playing in the dirt at the park and chasing around a little boy on a scooter (wheels are so much fun!), it was dinner time. For the main meal, I diced up some avocado and boiled egg. Both foods give Burrito a chance to experience different textures and offer the potential for self-feeding as well. Unfortunately, it was more fun to smear the avocado in his hair and throw the eggs than eat them, so I ended up spoon-feeding him. After a few bites, he started spitting food out – this usually tells me he wants something else to change up the flavors, so I gave him bites of apple sauce (with a little pureed beet mixed in!) between bites of avocado and egg – luckily that worked out well. He, of course, scarfed down all the apple sauce and most of the avocado and egg yolk. The whites are still a strange texture for him and he “chipmunked” a good bit of it in the sides of his cheeks before spitting it out. I’d say, he probably had 1/2 the egg white in total.

Now, it should be noted that eggs are tricky when it comes to babies since it is a common allergen. In fact, about 15 years ago, parents were told to delay foods like eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and fish because they can be highly allergenic. In 2008, the advice was changed because studies didn’t provide enough evidence supporting a delayed introduction to these foods. And new studies are finding that it may even decrease the risk of an allergy if you introduce these foods early on. When it came to potentially allergenic foods, my hubby and I were very careful and watched for any adverse reactions, and so far…so good! If allergies run in your family or if you are concerned about allergens, chat with your child’s pediatrician before introducing them.


And last, but not least, we have another nursing session just before bedtime at 7pm. Nothing beats sleepy baby snuggles!

Be on the lookout for more updates on Burrito’s eating adventures!

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