What Burrito Ate Wednesday – November 11, 2015

I think it’s about time for another What Burrito Ate Wednesday…don’t you? Now that the kiddo is approaching his first birthday (OMG…time flies!), and because I’ve gotten a little braver…we’ve been working on self-feeding more often. I’m slowly accepting the fact that food will end up smeared on the table, splattered on the wall, and dropped on the floor. It’s all a learning process for the little guy and it’s essential for his development. Plus, I remember telling my first grade teacher that “my grandma feeds me” and her having a conference with my mom about how I needed to feed myself – I’m hoping Burrito doesn’t turn into that kid 😉

Because my mind is all over the place and distractions happen fast, I like to quickly jot down the little guy’s menu for the day. I take stock of what I’ve prepared ahead of time, what needs to be finished, and dig into the handy freezer stash whenever needed (read: often). And…having a sticky note on the wall means my hubby knows the plan too (especially important on weekends when I want to leave the apartment for some “me” time). Most of the time, I stick to plan (like today), but there are plenty of times when plans change and re-adjustments are necessary.

Dean Plan

About an hour after his morning nursing session, it was breakfast time. The straw cup has been a work in process for the past few weeks (and I stopped giving it to him at some point since he’d usually end up soaked in water). I decided to give it a try again today with a green smoothie – turns out a little time was all he needed to figure it out. Smoothie was a success! Yay! I had some left over egg whites from a recipe I made yesterday so I scrambled those up for him with a little butter. He happily shoved those into his mouth. As for the cheerios…a few end up being eaten but they are especially fun to throw!

Dean Breakfast

About an hour after breakfast, Burrito started getting cranky and I knew it was nap time. The past week has been a transition from breast milk to a mix of breast milk and whole cow’s milk. I’m slowly using up the milk I’ve pumped…we’ll work on weaning later – I’m still not sure how I feel about that, but different topic for another time.

After his nap, we sat together and had cut up grapes and cantaloupe for snack.

Since he would be with his nanny for the afternoon, I packed his lunch and an afternoon snack. I had red lentils cooked with sweet potato, carrots, and coconut milk in the freezer – thawed that out and mixed in whole milk yogurt. I like to buy the big tubs since they are cheaper than the individual packs. I also packed some oatmeal made with pear, dates, and ground clove. I had made extra this morning (that was my breakfast!) so I decided to mix things up a little and give him some of it for lunch.

Dean Lunch and Snacks

He always has another bottle (breast milk – whole milk combo) before his afternoon nap, so he chugged that down and went to lala land. I like to pack an afternoon snack just in case Burrito wakes up from his afternoon nap before I pick him up. That’s exactly what happened today, so he enjoyed his cheddar bunnies. He REALLY likes these. I want to try making my own, but until that happens, the ones by Annie’s Homegrown are a good option.

Dinner has been a little iffy lately. He seems to be eating less at dinnertime. I can’t tell if it’s because he’s tired or too riled up or just not hungry. It changes each day so will take some work to figure out. I had made Ricotta-Spinach Dumplings last night and saved leftovers for the little guy. I cut up a couple of them and let him have at it. The steamed broccoli (with a little butter) was hit and miss. He ate some of the pieces and spit others out. I wonder if some pieces were tougher than others… And for “dessert” I mixed pumpkin puree with banana and cinnamon for a “pudding.” Burrito is getting better with the spoon, but plays with it more than he eats. Plus, the pureed stuff is more fun for smearing on the table anyway, right? I’d say he ate about half his dinner before he started spitting things out – that’s his way of telling me something tastes terrible or that he’s done. Since he was rejecting everything, it was a clear sign that it was the later – phew!

Dean Dinner

And, of course, we had a mommy and me cuddle/nursing sesh before bedtime. I’m not ready to let go of those just yet…

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