Goodbye, New York. Hello, DMV!

My hubby and I knew we’d leave NYC at some point. The idea of it was exciting and scary at the same time. We loved the neighborhood we had settled in (Long Island City is amazing!), the friends who became family, the food (OMG the food!), and the general excitement that envelopes the whole place. It was home for almost a decade. It’s where my hubby and I became *real* adults. It’s where we had our first baby and where our baby became a bustling toddler. But when we looked ahead to the future, life in the city just didn’t match with how we envisioned raising a family. Ultimately, we knew a move would be best for all of us. After discussing the idea for quite some time, it finally happened…and fast!

My amazing husband landed a new job that promised more predictable hours (yay!) and better work-life balance (double yay!), while still working on the projects he loves (triple yay!). It was finally happening, but we only had four weeks to find our new home in the DMV (nope…not the place you get your driver’s license, but rather the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area – see? I’m learning the lingo already!). Time had been moving slow for months, then all of a sudden, someone hit the fast-forward button. Luckily, in the midst of working out all the logistics involved with moving, we were still able to enjoy some much-needed time as a family and hang out with the people we knew we’d miss dearly.

2016-08-02 Statue of Liberty
Finally going to see the Statue of Liberty!

After being NYC tourists for a couple weeks, relaxing in the Hamptons for a few days, tying up loose ends, trying to finish everything in the refrigerator, eating a “last meal” at our favorite spots, and saying good-bye to long-time friends, it was time to pick up our things and head to Arlington, Virginia.

It’s been a month now, and I still miss certain things about life in NYC (mostly the people!), but we’re getting settled and starting to find our groove in a brand new place. The kiddo has plenty of parks and fun outdoor spots to explore (plus more space to run around inside), there’s a farmer’s market just a block away every weekend, the neighborhood has a Trader Joe’s (so naturally, I end up there several times a week), and I’m finding running and workout groups to make new friends (and obviously get my sweat on at the same time). I’ve started a new list of restaurants to try (thanks to the check-out guy at the grocery store for the foodie tips!), am figuring out how to use the metro (not exactly like the subway, but I’m trying not to compare), and <<<drumroll, please>>> we’ve bought a new car! Yep! We are super grown-ups now! We’re taking every opportunity to see what the area has to offer and so far, the view ain’t half bad 🙂

Washington Memorial


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